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Being Bilingual In America

Being Bilingual in America and learning Chinese

America is the cultural melting pot of the world. More so today than even as defined in history. The ulterior looks as though children will have to speak at least one other language than English in their adult lifetime. The second most widely used language in the world, contrary to beliefs, is Chinese.

In classrooms around America, multi - cultural classes are popping up to incorporate traditional lessons with cultural diverse studies. By doing so, children are learning to appreciate the diversity and traditions of other cultures along with their own. On the pacific coast, in Bellevue, Washington, children have the opportunity to learn Chinese along side of cultural traditions and history. The standpoint being the socio - economical need for those who speak Chinese to be available to meet the demands in tomorrow’s world.

Linguistic heterogeneity is impacting schools everywhere. The need to preserve the Chinese language and traditions while co - existing in American is equally as important to the Chinese as the need to learn Chinese is for Americans. Chinese - Americans wish to hold tight to their heritage and merge with English traditions and ways. By learning Chinese, we grant them to do just that. Communication and unity of needs are met by interchange of language dynamics. When learning a second language, cognate Chinese, human relationships and connections to their cultures turn into enhanced and reflective of a trite goal.

The bilingual classes in Bellevue encourage learning Chinese at a blooming grow up when the child has stronger cognition and learning processes. Many programs like these, develop a multitude of contrasting learning schedules to be able to reach out to as populous as they can. By being flexible they are able to offer unique programs, like after show, pre - school, or summer school activities. Also, popular in this area, are “meet ups”, or groups where people meet up to engage in cultural rivalry. It could be an American wishing to improve his Chinese or a Chinese - American wishing to keep evolving on their native language or to teach others about their cultural richness. These ‘meet ups’ provide endless opportunities owing to gaining vast knowledge and application of the Chinese language and culture.

Learning the Chinese language today or teaching our children to be bilingual for tomorrow may fast become one of the best decisions we could make. In looking ahead at world economy, China and America are creating paths to one unified place in financial and social affairs. It is in our best interests to have complete understanding and a working knowledge of the Chinese language in assortment to keep focus, improve communications, and wean ourselves off the idea of minority position. The future will address more blending of cultures and the extremity since sensitivity in a varying one world economy. Ethnic identity remains important for each groups heritage whether Chinese, Spanish, or even Irish. Holding onto those roots encouraged intensely, but also adding knowledge of other cultures mandatory for success in relationships of the future. By learning Chinese now creates those healthy relationships of tomorrow.


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